Unicarscan UCSI-3000 Wifi ENET WLAN Diagnostic Adapter For BMW


UniCarScan UCSI-3000 ENET WiFi LAN Diagnostic Interface for BMW.

  • Bimmercode/ Bimmerlink compatible, use with F-G Series BMW and Mini
  • Superfast Coding and diagnostics when compared to Bluetooth devices
  • Use with other programs, MHD F+G Series iOS and Android. xHP Flash Tool, X Delete
  • Also compatible with original BMW Software ESYS, ISTA+, INPA
  • UCSI-3000 Connection help, Click here: /unicarscan-ucsi-3000-wifi-enet-help
WGSoft UniCarScan UCSI-3000 ENET WLAN LAN Diagnostic Adapter for BMW"

UniCarScan UCSI-3000 is a new diagnostic interface from WGSoft.de. The device supports the ENET diagnostic protocol of all current BMW vehicles and also BMW motorcycles with TFT displays. This adapter is ideal for the BimmerCode, BimmerLink and many other apps and is recommended by us directly for this app.

Ideally suited for PC, laptop, smartphones and tablets with both Android and iOS operating system (div. Apps are available in the Android Play Store or Apple App Stort available). For diagnosing, coding and flashing.

Supported vehicles

All cars of the brand BMW F, G, I series and also MINI of the F series

Supported BMW motorcycles

All BMW motorcycles with TFT display. Support for the adapter in the MotoScan app is currently not available.

Delivery contents

  • UniCarScan UCSI-3000 diagnostic adapter
  • Storage box
  • Operating instructions in German and English

The bag is optional and can be ordered separately. 

The adapter works with the following apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. This software is not part of this offer. The following applications are compatible with this interface:

Software for Android is available in the Android Play Store:

  • BimmerCode - Very extensive codings for BMW cars
  • BimmerLink - Extensive diagnosis and maintenance of BMW cars
  • Bimmer tool - Read and delete error codes, request DPF regeneration, read engine live data and much more
  • BootMod3 - Allows end users to unlock the full performance potential by programming the factory engine control unit (ECU/DME) via the OBD diagnostic port
  • MHD F+G series - Flash tuning app with complete DME reassignment while maintaining all OEM security mechanisms
  • xHP Flashtool - Tuning tool for BMW vehicles with ZF6HP, ZF8HP automatic or 7-speed DCT transmission
  • xDelete - Tool for customizing the xDrive system
  • THOR - the M Flasher
  • BimmerGeeks Pro Tool An all-in-one solution for your BMW or Mini that puts the performance of expensive workshop equipment directly into your hand with your Android device
  • DeepOBD - Very extensive open source app for BMW vehicles

Software for iPhone and iPad can be found in Apple's App Store:

  • BimmerCode - Very extensive codings for BMW cars
  • BimmerLink Extensive diagnosis and maintenance of BMW cars
  • BootMod3
  • MHD F+G series (iOS & Android) - Flash tuning app with complete DME reassignment while maintaining all OEM security mechanisms
  • xHP Flash Tool
  • xDelete

It is also compatible with original BMW software such as ESYS, ISTA+ and INPA.

No software is included in the scope of delivery. In order to use the above programs, you need the software licenses from the respective software provider.