BMDiag WiFi ENET High Speed BMW Coding Adapter


BMDiag WiFi ENET Adapter for BMW Coding and Diagnostics

  • WiFI and RJ45 connection options
  • iOS Android and Windows compatible
  • X 10 times faster coding compared to D-Can Bluetooth interfaces.


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BMDiag WiFi ENET, High speed wifi enabled interface for BMW coding and diagnostics.


Professional grade WiFi ENET High speed ethernet adapter. Super Fast and Stable connection

Approx 10 times faster coding compared to OBDLink CX, MX+, Unicarscan and ALL other Bluetooth adapters on both iOS and Android.

Recommended for professional coding on BMW vehicles.


NOTE: TO USE THIS ADAPTER WITH BIMMERCODE OR BIMMERLINK PLEASE USE THE E-NET WiFi adapter as the chosen Adapter in the Bimmercode/Bimmerlink App settings as shown below:


 BMDiag Wifi enet bimmercode settings


Operation Example: Coding a module with a Bluetooth device such as OBDLink CX or MX+ etc takes 1 hour, with the BMDiag interface it takes only a few minutes.

Why is the BMDiag interface so much faster compared to the Bluetooth Bimmercode adapters? The reason the Bluetooth devices are slow is they connect over D-CAN protocol, with a speed of only 0.5  Mbps 

The BMDiag connects to the vehicle ethernet network through the ZGW (Gateway) with speeds of about 100 Mbps.



Wifi ENET Advantages:

  • Saves time
  • Reliable connection, Wifi is a stable communication platform Also includes an RJ45 port for hardwire connection to a computer
  • Top quality tool with 2 year warranty

IMPORTANT! If you are experiencing issues connecting to a vehicle, PLEASE ensure that you do the following: On your iOS device In Privacy settings check the Local network setting is not disabled for the app you are using. This was an update applied to iOS 14. IF this is disabled it will not be possible to connect to any vehicle.


Fully compatible with the Bimmercode App on F, G and I series.

BMW ISTA+ D and ISTA P, ESYS Diagnostic programs fully supported for F and G Series Cars


Compatible with all Major operating systems, Use with iOS , Android and Windows. 

(Please note this device is ONLY compatible with F, G, I series BMW and Mini and Toyota Supra 2019 on. It is NOT compatible with any other vehicles from BMW or other manufacturers, using on other vehicles can destroy the adapter and is NOT covered in any warranty)

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**iOS and Android devices supported, Easy setup **

The BMDiag Wifi ENET High Speed WiFi Adapter is an easy to use and a much faster option (up to x10 times faster) for BMW coding and personalisation with Bimmercode when compared to Bluetooth devices on both iOS and Android devices,
It is ideal for high speed coding using Bimmercode/Bimmerlink on F, G and I series BMW models.

Check supported Coding options for your car here:

The BMDiag WiFi is also compatible with other BMW specific programs: BMW ISTA, BMW ESYS, Aicoder, xDelete, and many other diagnostic, coding and flashing programs.

The BMDiag WiFi ENET Adapter is compatible with the following BMW and Toyota Models:(High Speed Coding with Bimmercode, Diagnostics with Bimmerlink on BMW fully supported)

F Series: 

G Series: 

I Series:

Supra J29, A90: 

The Wifi ENET adapter is plug and play on the following operating systems, no system modifications required.

**iOS compatible** 

**Android compatible**

**Windows compatible**

Creates its own WiFi network, Just connect to the ENET Wifi network and start using!

Easy and fast setup, no settings to modify, Plug the BMDiag ENET_Wifi device into the vehicle diagnostic socket, then check the list of available networks on your iOS, Android or Windows device for ENET_WIFI Network, once connected to the ENET_WIFI network, enter the 8 digit key: 12345678 and you will be ready to use!

The BMDiag ENET WiFi adapter creates its own network, there is no need to be in range of your home or other network.

**Ships from the UK**

**BimmerCode/Bimmerlink Compatible**

**Superfast Communication, up to 10 times faster compared to Standard OBD2 CAN communication**

**Wifi and RJ45 connection options**

**Note**: Not compatible with E Series models