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UK Based supplier of Motorcycle and Car Diagnostic and Coding Tools

Welcome to BMDiag, car and motorcycle diagnostic tools.

BMDiag supply top quality BMW Coding and diagnostic tools, BMW Motorcycle diagnostic and service reset tools. BMDiag are also a UK distributor for the USA based OBDLink range of OBD2 Scan Tools, UK distributors for the Unicarscan UCSI-2000 Bluetooth diagnostic tool, the High Speed BMDiag WiFi ENET adapter for BMW and the OBDlink MX+ OBDLink LX and the OBDLink EX for Forscan, the best selling Ford diagnostic software and app.  Whichever vehicle you drive we can supply a diagnostic system to help you get you back on the road


Featured Products
OBDStar MS50. Professional Motorcycle Diagnostic system,

OBDStar MS50. Professional Motorcycle Diagnostic system,£499.00

OBDStar MS50 Asian Motorcycle diagnostic Tool. Covers main Japanese manufacturers, to approx 2020. Includes adapter cables. One year free software updates included.

VeePeak OBDCHECK BLE Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

VeePeak OBDCHECK BLE Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter£37.00

VeePeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth OBD Adapter. Bimmercode Compatible with most models from 2008-2019.Supports lots of Third Party Apps. Use with both iOS and Android devices