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Vgate Vlinker BM+ For BimmerCode and BimmerLink

Vgate Vlinker BM+ For BimmerCode and BimmerLink£37.99

Made for Bimmercode/BimmerLink. Upgraded version of iCar Pro Bluetooth, specifically for coding APP BimmerCode that requires large amount of data transmission.

Vgate Vlinker MC+ Pro Grade Bluetooth OBD Interface for iOS Android and Windows

Vgate Vlinker MC+ Pro Grade Bluetooth OBD Interface for iOS Android and Windows£46.00

Recommended by Bimmercode and FORScan for iOS, Android, and Windows.

BMW Diagnostic Tool, Maxiecu PC Based Diagnostic system.

BMW Diagnostic Tool, Maxiecu PC Based Diagnostic system.£118.50

Maxiecu Diagnostic Tool for BMW Cars and SUV's  from approx 2001 - 2018. Coverage on some models to 2020. 

Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

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Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter
 Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Bluetooth OBD2 AdapterUnicarscan UCSI-2100 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter 
Our Price:  £54.99

Brand:  WGSoft

Delivery:  No charge


THE UNICARSCAN has been replaced with the new UCSI-2100

Advantages include, easier to insert and remove from BMW Vehicle Diagnostic Ports.

  • Bimmercode All series coverage, 
  • Motoscan BMW Bike 100% coverage 
  • Firmware Upgrades 

UniCarScan UCSi-2100 Quality Bluetooth OBD adapter for Bimmercode, Bimmerlink, Bimmertool and BMW Bike App MOTOSCAN. 

UniCarScan UCSI-2100 New!!

The UniCarScan UCSI-2100 is an inexpensive OBD-2 diagnostic interface from and is considered the further development of the well-known UniCarScan UCSI-2000. The device supports all OBD-2 diagnostic protocols of all current vehicles and as a special feature also all diagnostic protocols of all BMW motorcycles. This adapter is ideal for the MotoScan app and is recommended by us directly for this Andriod app.


  • Firmware  can be updated,
  • Easier to plug into and remove from BMW Diagnostic ports.
  • 100% Bimmercode and Bimmerlink All series coverage
  • 100% BMW Bike Motoscan APP coverage

Ideal for PC, laptop, smartphones and tablets with both Android and iOS operating system (various Apps are available in the Android Play Store or Apple App Stort available). Based on a modern powerful Cortex-M0 processor. Compatible with most ELM327 applications and ELM327 chip.

Advantages over Unicarscan UCSI-2000

  • The firmware is updateable and can be easily updated without having to send the device to us
  • Housing has been changed in shape to many requests, so that it is now easier to remove the adapter from the diagnostic socket
  • More memory for the firmware and thus better opportunities for further development

Supported protocols

OBD-2 protocols

  • ISO9141-2
  • KWP2000 slow init
  • KWP2000 almost init
  • CAN 11bit/250kB
  • CAN 11bit/500kB
  • CAN 29bit/250kB
  • CAN 29bit/500kB

BMW OEM protocols

  • KWP2000
  • KWP2000*
  • D-CAN
  • UDS

Supported vehicles

All gasoline cars from 2001 and diesel from 2004 regardless of make and model

Supported BMW motorcycles

All BMW motorcycles from around 1998 to the present day are supported. Please note that for the models before 2017, an additional 10 pole Adapter cable (can be ordered at an additional cost) and the MotoScan app (optionally orderable) for Android from the Google Play Store are required. More information can be found at


  • UniCarScan UCSI-2100 diagnostic adapter
  • Storage box
  • Operating instructions in German and English.

The adapter works with many programs for PC and apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. The following applications are compatible with this interface

Software for Windows

Software for Android is available in the Android Play Store

  • MotoScan (for BMW motorcycles)
  • ScanMaster Lite (for cars)
  • BimmerCode - Very extensive coding for BMW cars
  • BimmerLink - Extensive diagnosis and maintenance of BMW cars
  • BTool - Very extensive diagnosis for BMW cars
  • OBD.Maven for BMW - Special functions for BMW vehicles
  • ScanMyOpel - Advanced manufacturer-specific diagnosis for Opel vehicles with K-Line
  • ScanMyOpelCAN - Advanced manufacturer-specific diagnosis for Opel vehicles with CAN bus
  • Torque (for cars)
  • DashCommand (for cars)
  • OBD-2 Dokotor (for cars)
  • OBD Fusion (for cars)
  • etc.

Software for iPhone and iPad can be found in the Apple App Store

In the Google Play Store, enter "OBD" and/or "ELM327" in the search and most apps that are found will work with the adapter.


To operate with Android, "UniCarScan" must be paired with the Android. In order to use the adapter with Apple devices, no pairing under Settings is required and is not possible. Open the settings of the Car Scanner or BimmerCode app directly and select "UniCarScan" adapter there. MotoScan app does not exist for iOS devices and is currently not planned.

For the app and software developers

The developers of apps for Android, iOS and Windows are welcome to use the adapter for their own apps. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation. Most commands are compatible with the ELM327 instruction set. However, the UniCarScan adapter offers the following advantages over all other comparable solutions:

  • The firmware is developed internally by us and can be adapted to the needs of the developer if necessary
  • The company is updatable and the updates are provided free of charge
  • The adapter supports the sending of long messages as well as CAN bus via the K-Line and completely segments the CAN messages when sending, so that you do not have problems with timings if you have to send the long messages during encoding or other special functions. The ELM327 and compatible adapters can only send 8 bytes by default. UniCarScan, on the other hand, has the full length of 255 bytes.
  • The adapter is suitable for Android, iOS and Windows. You therefore do not have to use different adapters for different operating systems, as is the case with most other providers.

If you have any further questions about the product, please contact us..