OBDStar iScan Triumph Diagnostic Tool


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OBDStar iScan Triumph Diagnostic System

  • Now includes full system diagnosis on the latest Bikes:
  • Trident 660, Tiger Sport, Tiger 900/GT/GT Pro. Includes service reset etc 
  • Not locked to VIN, use on unlimited models
  • One year free updates included
  • Ideal for serious DIYer or repair shop wanting to add Triumph diagnostic coverage 
  • Authorised OBDStar UK Distributor, Genuine product guaranteed. 


iScan Triumph Diagnostic Tool

The OBDStar ISCAN diagnostic system for Triumph Motorcycles is a portable tablet which has near dealer level performance and has a rugged design, suitable for workshop environments for the diagnosis and repair of the latest range of Triumph bikes. The iScan Triumph diagnostic system is a new generation of intelligent motorcycle diagnostic equipment tailored for DIY and specialist repair shop customers. Based on RK3128 quad-core processor and equipped with a 5.0-inch capacitive touch screen, and utilises the software from the top of the range professional bike tool MS80 and brings the customer a professional diagnosis experience.


Supports Triumph bike diagnosis and key programming


  • Not locked to VIN, use on unlimited models, ideal tool for motorcycle repair shops looking to add Triumph diagnostic and service coverage 
  • Covers latest models, with one year free access included to Triumph diagnostic software updates
  • Not locked to VIN, use on unlimited models, ideal tool for specialists
  • Covers latest models
  • Includes UK spec power supply suitable for use in UK. (chargers supplied from other sellers are for China market and are not approved or suitable for UK or EU power outlets)



1. New android 5.1.1 operation system;

2. Simple and intuitive menu guidance allows you to quickly master the equipment operation;

3. Provide complete diagnostic functions including code reading, code clearing, data flow, action test, setting, coding etc;

4. Menu arbitrary selection is more convenient and quick;

5. Record and play back real-time data streams, quickly and accurately locate sensor and component faults;

6. Wi-Fi connection to the internet, one-click software upgrade;

7. One-click remote function, OBDSTAR technical staff remote assistance.


Advanced function

1. Fault repair guidance, help data, technical bulletin, diagnostic socket location, etc. the iScan Triumph diagnostic tool will help you diagnose accurately and efficiently;

2. Multiple data stream display options, such as text, waveform diagram and instrument diagram, allowing you to easily analyse faults;

3. Automatic bike ID scanning, automatic VIN recognition, control module programming and coding, ECU setting, instrument coding, tyre pressure monitoring system, maintenance light reset, CO adjustment, idle speed adjustment, A/F value reset, ABS control unit setting, EOL mode, transmission memory reset, clear computer memory etc.


Motorcycle supported series:

Triumph Motorcycles to current year


Motorcycle key programming support series


Function Display

1) Main Page/Brand Supported

iScan Triumph

iScan Triumph

iScan Triumph


2) Help Data/Technical Bulletin

iScan Triumph

3) Supported Systems/Vehicles List

iScan Triumph

iScan Triumph


4) Diag Socket/Diag Connector Location

iScan Triumph




Includes the following Accessories :

triumph iscan diagnostic tool