Vgate Vlinker FS Bluetooth Adapter for Forscan Ford and Mazda Diagnostics.

**Bluetooth version of the Vlinker FS Cable for Forscan for Ford software**

  • Compatible with both 12 volt and 24 volt Ford vehicles
  • Supports all current Forscan functions
  • Windows, iOS and Android compatible (Apple MFI Certified device)
  • Recommended Bluetooth Interface by Forscan team
  • Vgate UK Authorised Distributor, Genuine product guaranteed.
  • UK Based service and product support

The vLinker FS Bluetooth OBD-II adapter for Forscan provides access to MS-CAN and HS-CAN networks in addition to all legislated OBD-II protocols.

Unlike other OBD adapters, vLinker FS won't  drain your battery if you leave it plugged in. 

Key features:


2.Apple MFI certified device

3.Automatic sleep & wake-up

4.Support for firmware updates

5.Supports MS-CAN and HS-CANprotocols

6.OBD request bytes up to 4K bytes

7.Supports 18V FEPS Voltage output

8.Work in 12V or 24V automotive systems

9.BatterySaver technology - low power mode

10.World’s fastest Bluetooth OBD-II adapter (baudrate: 3Mbps)

11.Superior compatibility - works with more 3rd party apps software than any other adapter

vlinker fs Bluetooth OBD2 Interface

Vgate Vlinker FS BT

vLinker FS Bluetooth OBD-II adapter provides access to the MS-CAN network, in addition to all legal OBD-II protocols.

Vlinker FS USB and BT comparison table

Download & Install APP

At present, the vLinker FS(Bluetooth) version supports all functions of FORScan, such as reading fault code, clearing fault code, reading data stream, reset module, ECU programming. For third-party applications (free and paid versions).


Note for iOS users:

Currently vLinker FS (Bluetooth) uses the following third party software in iOS. We are in contact with other app companies and once they add our product to their compatibility list, the product will be able to support the appropriate app. there are more apps waiting to be explored. Working with more 3rd party apps and software.

1. FORScan Lite

2. FORScan Viewer

3. Car Scanner

4. Shift OBD complete

5. Shift OBD 

6. Link ON

7. tes•LAX - CAN Bus Explorer

8. And so on...

  Note:  Please check it first with vLinker team if you cannot confirm the APP compatibility.

Vlinker fs BT supported apps

vlinker fs install guide