OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Protocol Detector BreakOut Box


The automotive OBD II Protocol Detector &Breakout Box is a straight-through circuit detector for OBD II data. The communication protocol, power supply and grounding circuit of the OBD II on-board diagnostic system are easily and safely detected by connecting this instrument and the vehicle OBD II system


- The extension wire of OBD II connector adopts the technology of multithreading data connection, which makes the connection faster and smoother. The wire body is made of elastic thermoplastic TPU material, which is characterized by high elasticity, high strength and high resilience.

- When the decoder communicates with the vehicle, all 16 OBD II pins can be easily connected.

- The layout of the input jack completely simulates the 16 pin layout of the OBD II interface, so that more tests can be carried out quickly and visualized.

- Quickly, safely and conveniently check various signals of the vehicle.

- The built-in input jack can be connected to any type of 4mm banana plug, which is convenient for connecting with a multimeter or oscilloscope for further measurement.

Warnings Tips:

- This product is intended for automotive professionals only.

- This product is directly connected to the vehicle data link.

- Improper use may damage the vehicle data communication system, related circuits or systems.

- When you are not sure whether your operation will cause problems, please stop using this product immediately.

- When you are not sure about the electrical circuit on the car, do not use a jumper to short-circuit the input jack of this product.

- Do not use this product to connect a load device with a power exceeding 1 ampere.

-Do not directly short-circuit the 16th pin , the 4th pin, and the 5th pin of this product