Motoscan BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Kit
Motoscan BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Kit

Motoscan BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Kit


Motoscan compatible BMW Bike Diagnostic Kit.

Now Includes latest Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Interface! 

***Availability: IN STOCK***

  • Developed by the BMW Motoscan App developers, 100% compatibility with Motoscan App
  • Fully compatible with ALL Motoscan functions
  • Option to include the OBD2 to 10 pin BMW Bike adapter required for older models to approx 2016 
  • Motoscan APP available in the Google Play Store (Not available for or suitable for iOS devices)


BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Hardware for MotoScan App (available on Google Play)


Includes the Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Bluetooth Adapter and 10 pin adapter cable (optional)

Designed and manufactured by the company that developed the MotoScan BMW Bike app, so 100% compatability with MotoScan App



Bluetooth interface and optional top quality 10 pin Adapter Cable, 

Reliable and stable connection, communicates with and supports all functions on all supported BMW bikes 


The Unicarscan UCSI-2100 is the recommended Interface for the Motoscan app

100% Compatibility with the Motoscan BMW Bike App available in the Google Play Store.



"Did you know the Unicarscan UCSI-2100 Adapter is made by the same company that developed the BMW bike Motoscan App?"


The Unicarscan UCSI-2100 is developed by the same company that writes the software for the MotoScan App, 100% compatibility is guaranteed.


This kit when used with appropriate software (Motoscan App) can be used to connect to BMW bikes to read engine data, reset service lights, perform activations etc, The included OBD interface is the recommended Unicarscan device.  It is a reliable and tested compatible interface to communicate reliably with BMW bikes,


Note: This is a Hardware only Kit, Android devices only, App not available for iOS devices. You need to have a compatible software or app to communicate with the bike. We would recommend the Motoscan app for Android available in the Google Play store.


Click the following link to find out more: Motoscan APP information


  • Genuine UniCarscan bluetooth Pro Grade interface 
  • option to include the 10 Pin BMW to 16 Pin OBDII Female Adapter option
  • Adapter cable is compatible with the BMW ICOM / ICOM-D Diagnostic Tool
  • Compatible with BMW Motorcycles fitted with the 10 Pin Diagnostic Port or the 16 pin OBD2 type plug
  • Manufactured with High Quality, Automotive Grade Materials

+++ Supported BMW motorcycle models +++ 

All BMW Motorrad Series are supported: C series, G series, F series, K series, R series and S series. 


BMW motorcycle models: All BMW Motorrad models from around the early 2000s are covered. 

All with KWP 2000 and CAN / UDS protocols. 

 ECUs All control units / systems installed in the BMW Motorrad can be diagnosed. Engine, ABS, instrument cluster, ZFE, TPMS etc. 

Diagnostics: All diagnostic functions, such as identification, reading and deleting error codes, real-time data, actuator control, service reset, coding etc. are supported in the premium version of the app.