Motorcycle OBD Euro 5 Engine Diagnostic Tool


Motorcycle OBD2 Euro5 Engine Diagnostic Tool.

  • Reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes in Euro5 compliant motorcycle engine systems
  • Displays Live data from Engine sensors
  • Record Live Engine Parameters.
  • Works on all Euro 5 compliant Motorcycles.
  • Supports some late model pre EU5 KTM, and most Triumph from 2004 

Motorcycle OBD Euro 5 Engine Diagnostic Tool.

Professional ENGINE DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER TOOL: This OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Is Designed for Engine System, It can quickly read and clear Engine Trouble Codes, Turn off The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT (MIL). Easy to Operate, Even a Beginner Can Easily Use to Find Out What the Problem is in Engine control Systems and Perhaps Fix It. Absolutely Saving Time and Money When You Can Diagnose problems by Yourself Anytime and Anywhere.

Compatible with all Euro V bikes fitted with the red 6 pin OBD socket. (Also compatible with Triumph bikes fitted with the 16 pin OBD2 type socket.

·  MULTIFUNCTION OBD2 VEHICLE ENGINE FAULT CODE READER: Supports All OBDII Scanner Functions: Read & Erase Engine Fault Codes; Built-in Fault Codes Definition Lookup Library; Views Freeze Frame Data; Reads Live PCM Data Stream in Text or Graph; On-board Monitoring; Displays I/M Readiness; Oxygen Senor and Evaporative Control System Test, etc. Convenient for You to Know the Real Time Status of Your Vehicle without Going to the Repair Shop.

euro 5 motorcycle engine diagnostic tool·

EXCLUSIVE AUTO DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL: ANNUAL EMISSION TEST: With the OBD2 Diagnostic tool, You Can quickly and Find out The Emission Error Detect Green / Yellow / Red Indicator Light to Notify You of The Outstanding or Existing Error. Check the Health of the Engine System by Yourself without Going to the Garage. Help You Go Through the Annual Emissions Test Easily.