MelcoDiag Ducati Bike Diagnostic Tool Professional Unlimited Version


Melcodiag/ JPDiag Unlimited Professional Ducati Diagnostic Tool.

This kit Includes:

  • FTDI Chip based V1.4 ELM Compatible Interface and 4 pin and 6 pin Adapters for Melcodiag
  • FTDI KKL Interface with 3 pin adapter for JPDiag software
  • Professional Melcodiag and JPDiag Unlimited Software on a USB Stick with free software updates.

Windows PC based MelcoDiag/ JPDiag Unlimited Ducati Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool

Based on the super stable ELM V1.4 Interface paired with the Multiecuscan diagnostic program, this is an affordable way for the owner rider or repair shop to diagnose and repair  Ducati Motorcycles.

  • Includes our ELM Compatible V1.4 interface.
  • KKL FTDI Interface for JPDiag software.
  • 4 Pin Ducati Adapter,
  • 3 pin Fiat style Diagnostic connector .
  • Professional, Unlimited versions of the MelcoDiag and JPDiag software with free updates included.

The Melcodiag and JPDiag software is a well known diagnostic program for Ducati bikes from early nineties to latest models, and now we have teamed up with JPDiag to offer an unlimited version of the diagnostics which would be ideal for workshops or the enthusiast to look after his own bikes.

Free version vs the Unlimited version difference.

The free version of the Melcodiag/JPDiag software is limited to 5 bikes and requires the software to be registered to each bike, a time consuming process that some people find a difficult, whereas the unlimited version is tied to your Windows PC via a hardware key so registration is a one time process that we can help you with. There is no limit on the number of bikes you can diagnose and no need to register each bike so diagnosis is a faster easier process.

Complete kit, software, drivers and easy to follow instructions on how to setup the kit included on a USB stick. For those who aren't sure about how to do it, we offer a remote assist session to setup the kit so it will be ready to use.

We can also offer the complete kit with a Windows refurbished Laptop with software all installed and delivered to you ready to use. Contact us for details on this option.