Launch GOLO CarCare Plus Car Diagnostic and Data Logging Tool


LAUNCH GOLO CarCare Plus Car Diagnostic and Data Logging Tool.

  • Ideal Tool for DIY and Car Drivers who look after the abs in the family
  • Use on up to 3 Cars (Full Vehicle system diagnosis data logging and reports)
  • Uses the same diagnostic program as installed in the professional Launch Tools costing thousands
  • Free App Included, (search Google Play for GOLO CarCare Plus)
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DOWNLOADS  GOLO CarCare Plus - supported car models

Launch GOLO CarCare Plus Advanced Diagnostic and Data Logging Tool for DIY and Car Drivers

  • Diagnose FULL vehicle control systems, Engine, ABS, SRS,Climate, Body module and clear fault codes, generate clear reports,
  • Supports over 2500 car Models from European, Asian and US Car manufacturers
  • Supports Remote Diagnosis
  • Supports Special Functions: DPF Regeneration, Battery Matching, Adaptations etc
  • Includes Free App Download from Google Playstore
  • Use with up to Three Cars 

GOLO CarCare Plus is a Professional Grade device aimed at DIY and Car drivers who want to look after their own cars. With the ability to generate full system health reports the user can catch any issues before they turn into an expensive repair.  

Launch GOLO CarCare Plus interface

Car Black Box Recorder.

With the recording function the driver can view the data from sensors at a later time, this is very handy to track down an intermittent fault.

Full OBD2 Diagnosis.

Supports full OBDII modes for most 2001 and newer OBDII-compliant vehicles, Read/Erase Codes, I/M Readiness, Live Data, Freeze Frame, On-board Monitor Test, etc;

launch GOLO CarCare Plus car diagnostic tool

GOLO CarCare Plus is a portable OBDII vehicle diagnostic tool designed by Launch Tech ideal for personal use (DIYers) with up to three Cars Self-service car repair, simple fault codes can be cleared with one key. Fantastic professional tool for scanning all auto system and generate a professional diagnostic reports that works on Android or Apple devices (via Bluetooth). 


Full system inspection - Scanning all auto system and generate a professional diagnostic report which includes working status and fault details of all systems. Operation is simple, the inspection will be done automatically for all car systems with one tap, and will generate the diagnostic report. Easy-to-understand report will be shown to you after the inspection.

Users can consult technicians about car problems and it's condition.


  • OBDII Diagnostic- Supports OBDII models for most 1996 and newer OBDII-compliant vehicles (full list in attachment), Read/Erase Codes, I/M Readiness, Live data, Freeze Frame, On-board Monitor Test, etc,
  • Special Function - Supports advanced software extension functions. It can perform coding or resetting for some vehicle functions or systems including: Immobilizer reset, TPMS Reset, BAT. Match, GearBox, Learn, Brake reset, DPF reg. EGR Adaption, Elec Throttle Relearn, Injector, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, etc,
  • Battery Test - Contact the battery tester via Bluetooth, check the battery capacity and health of the vehicle, and give corresponding suggestions,
  • Recorder - it can turn on the black box to record vehicle’s real-time running parameter and frame data, thus can help the technician quickly locate the problem,
  • Dashboard: Display car OBDII data (vehicle speed, engine speed, voltage, etc.) in the form of dashboard or HUD in real time.