Harley Davidson 6 Pin OBD Diagnostic Cable Adapter


Harley Davidson 6 pin to OBD2 Adapter.

Note: This is a cable ONLY, you will need a suitable interface and software to comm with your bike.
To rent a full kit for 3 days for £39.00 please contact us 


Connect your iOS device to your Harley Davidson.

Diagnostic cable for getting diagnostic information from your Harley.  You connect one end to your bike and the other to an OBD adapter and then you have a wireless connection from your bike to your iPhone.

Q: Which interface do I need to use with the 6 pin adapter?

A: You can use a good quality WiFi Interface or the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth adapter

Important note: There are some online marketplace sellers offering these cables for sale, most are wired wrong and would never work on Harley Davidson, we check, test and guarantee our cables will be 100% compatible with your bike.

We all know that the fault codes can be read and erased on Harley Davidsons with the Speedo display, With this cable and a suitable interface and software you can view live data, RPM, Engine temperature etc 

This is the 6 pin version for later Fuel Injected models, 

Apps available for these bikes are:

  • RPMitUP available on the App Store for iOS

App Info

RPMitUp provides real-time data from your Harley Davidson Motorcycle wirelessly to your Android and iOS device. Different modes allow for use as a Speedometer, Tachometer, and Dynamometer. It can also be used to playback information from a previous ride. The following information is provided:

RPM, Engine Temperature, Engaged Gear, Average MPG, MPH, Horsepower, Torque, Speed, and Acceleration

Supported Models:

2011 and up Softail, 2012 and later Dyna, 2014 Touring, Sportster and Street 500/750 models require the 6 pin CANBUS version. 

Harley Davidson OBD 6 pin Diagnostic cable