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VGATE vLinker FS Bluetooth MFI CERTIFIED£53.99

Works on iOS, Android and Windows. Apple MFI certified device. Superfast Bluetooth adapter (3Mbps)

Vgate Vlinker MC+ Pro Grade Bluetooth OBD Interface for iOS Android and Windows

Vgate Vlinker MC+ Pro Grade Bluetooth OBD Interface for iOS Android and Windows£57.00

Recommended by Bimmercode and FORScan for iOS, Android, and Windows. 

Ford Diagnostic Tool, Maxiecu PC Based Diagnostic system.

Ford Diagnostic Tool, Maxiecu PC Based Diagnostic system.£139.00

Maxiecu Diagnostic Tool for European Model Ford Cars, Vans and SUV's  from approx 1996 - 2018. Coverage on some models to 2020. 

Ford Diagnostic Tool, Vlinker FS USB Diagnostic Cable

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Ford Diagnostic Tool, Vlinker FS USB  Diagnostic Cable
Our Price:  £34.99

Brand:  Vgate

Vgate Vlinker FS USB Cable for Forscan, Ford/Mazda Diagnostics.

Recommended by Forscan Team.

Sole UK Authorised Vgate Distributor. Guaranteed Genuine Product..

We are aware of sellers on online marketplaces selling this tool claiming to be authorised distributors. Click the link below to check authorised Vgate dealers or ask the seller for their authorised distributor certificate. 

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Vgate Vlinker FS Auto Switching USB Interface Recommended by the FORScan Team.

Vgate vLinker FS is a professional-grade and user-friendly OBD adapter.

  • Compared with the other Forscan supported interfaces, the Vlinker FS USB interface is fast, with rock solid connection, no dropped packets.

No dropped packets, no data corruption,

  • With Vgate vLinker FS, you can diagnose to near dealer level on most Ford Mazda vehicles.

Reading and clearing the check engine indicator is a piece of cake.

  • FORScan team recommends vLinker FS for its full FORScan's advanced functions, Ford agreements and modules.

Supports FEPS 18V programming voltage output in FORScan.

Automatic Electronic Switching

  • Supports Ford Medium Speed CAN (MS CAN)
  • The Vlinker FS with built in Protocol switching allows FORScan to access all CAN buses at the same time, no manual switching required
  • Access advanced functions which is not available with the manual toggle switch adapters

Vlinker FS USB Cable for Forscan


The Vgate vLinker FS OBD adapter USB interface can reach 3Mbps transmission speeds and the highest 3Mhz baud rate, and let you enjoy smoother graphics and real-time meters.

Vgate vLinker FS OBD2 USB Adapter for FORScan HS/MS-CAN Auto Switching

In addition to these hidden functions, there are more advanced hidden functions waiting for you to discover.

Vgate vLinker FS USB Support

Automatic Electronic Switch

HS CAN / MS CAN automatic switching. Support All OBD2 Protocols.

Support Apps(Windows ONLY)

FORScan, ELMconfig, ELM FF2, FoCCCus, etc. If you are not sure whether the app can be used in our products, please confirm with us first.

Support 12V & 24V Car

Supports 12V/24V cars that comply with the OBD2 protocol standard, provided that the APP you use supports your car model.

Supports Windows System

Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2.

Supports USB Port

USB 2.0