Ditex Carscope i-Tester Engine Analyser Master Kit


Ditex Carscope i-Tester Engine Analyser.

  • **Ships in 1-2 days**
  • Perform relative compression tests
  • Common Rail Pressure Test
  • Data logging Save up to 10 hours of electrical activity (very useful for tracking down parasitic drains after the ignition key has been removed)

Includes: the i-Tester unit, Power cable, I-Tester OBD2 cable, 10:1 Attenuator, Universal probe, inductive pickup clamp, back-pin probe and Crocodile clip all stored in a tough case 

Ditex Carscope i-Tester, Portable Engine Test Tool with additional accessories.

The Ditex CarScope i-Tester is an advanced type of engine analyser. It is a complex, multi-function tool, which can help diagnosing engine running faults and finding engine problems. The I-Tester can be used with both gasoline and diesel-powered 12 volt vehicles including Motorcycles. 

Currently, there are 3 modes available: Relative compression test, Common Rail pressure test and Data Logging, more automated diagnostic tests are upcoming with future firmware updates!

No oscilloscope knowledge skills needed. You can skip the training and set-up time of an ordinary oscilloscope and get directly to a quick, precise engine analysis;

This extended set adds the most necessary accessories in suitable plastic tool case with black EVA foam.


• Non-invasive test;

• Test completes within seconds;

• You do not need a pressure transducer to run the relative compression test;

• No mechanical work needed. No removal of spark plugs, glow plugs, or injectors, thus preventing accidental damage to the customer’s engine components. All you have to do is to disable the fuel system to prevent the engine from starting;

• Disabling fuel system is always better because you are not flooding your cylinders;

• No oscilloscope needed;

• Reduced skill level required and thus achieve rapid testing;

• No waveform analysis skills needed;

• Test based on scientifically grounded theory;

• Test proven in the practice for many years;

• Useful tool in the parking lot type situation instead of dragging a scope/laptop around;

• No current clamp needed, in case the DC voltage method is used


• 2.4" TFT LCD 320х240
• no external power adapter needed
• 3 Channel — 3 measurement channels provide the ability to use a variety of voltage and current probes at the same time.
• Protection against reverse polarity connection
• The Relative Compression mode helps you quickly find a low compression cylinder
• Relative compression test function and automatic waveform analysis
• Ultra fast boot time
• Simple to use and connect, easy to use keyboard.
• Internal Micro SD card to save and review measurements
• Works on 4 stroke, diesel and gasoline engines;
• Works on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12-cylinder cars
• Works on DIS, conventional and Coil-on-Plug ignition systems;
• Only 12V electrical systems supported.
• Excellent industrial design

Relative compression test

This test is only a comparison between cylinders so we can use this method to "see" if we have a cylinder (s) with low compression by comparing one cylinder to the next. Hence the term "relative".

Relative compression is the fastest, simplest way to find a low compression cylinder. This test has previously been available only on large and expensive diagnostic systems, requiring a laptop and an oscilloscope. Now it is easier than ever — with the new CarScope i-Tester that combines both functions - relative compression test and automatic waveform analysis. So, the final results are displayed in an easy to understand format.

You do not have to check each individual cylinder, all cylinders can be tested in one go. CarScope i-Tester works on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12-cylinder cars, 4 stroke, diesel and gasoline engines, DIS, conventional and Coil-on-Plug systems, and 12V electrical systems.

Cylinder synchronization

By hooking up a second probe to either the ignition or an injector, you can follow the firing order/injection sequence and know which one it is. This is not the only way to do this type of cylinder identification but it does work as a way to start with.

Common Rail pressure test NEW!

This new function is available since firmware version TT0106B (download link)!

This mode is used for fast verification of the condition of the diesel Common Rail high-pressure system. Results allow direct/indirect identification of common problems in this system – lack of pressure due to leaks, high-pressure pump failure, bad high-pressure sensor, no sensor power supply etc.

The principle of this test is based on checking the high-pressure sensor readings while the car is in ignition on, cranking, idling and accelerating states.

Checking the high-pressure sensor readings is the fastest, simplest way to find a problem in the Common Rail system.

This test is very easy to perform – only one wire hooked to the high-pressure sensor output.