BimmerFlow Compatible Bluetooth Adapter


UCSI-2100 Bluetooth Adapter for BimmerFlow for BMW and Mini Electric vehicles.

  • 100% compatibility and recommended interface for the new BimmerFlow app from the makers of Bimmercode and Bimmerlink.
  • The Bimmerflow app is available to download from the Apple App  store and is purchased separately. Currently not available on Android 

The essential app for electric BMWs and MINI 

Battery Health Insights

Get detailed insights into your battery and individual cells, including state of health (SOH), voltage, energy content, temperature, and more.

Bimmerflow BMW Electric vehicle app

Trend and Forecast:

Compare your battery's state of health (SOH) with the average of the entire vehicle fleet to understand its condition and longevity relative to others.

Bimmerflow Battery trend

Real-Time Dashboard:

Access real-time sensor data for motor and battery metrics, including temperature, power, voltage, and more.

Bimmerflow realtime dashboard screen

Charging Metric Insights

Access additional metrics while charging.  BimmerFlow can record your charging curve, including state of charge and temperature, if needed.

Bimmerflow apple CarPlay

Access data directly through Apple CarPlay.

BimmerFlow is your ultimate companion to monitor the performance of your electric or hybrid BMW or MINI.

Peace of mind for used vehicles

By providing detailed battery health insights, BimmerFlow assists with the buying and selling of used electric or hybrid BMWs. For sellers, these insights enhance transparency and could increase your car's value.

Supported Cars

BMW i Series:

•  BMW i3 (2013+)

•  BMW i4 (2021+)

•  BMW i5 (2023+)

•  BMW i7 (2022+)

•  BMW i8 (2013+)

•  BMW iX (2021+)

•  BMW iX1 (2022+)

•  BMW iX2 (2022+)

•  BMW iX3 (2021+)

BMW Plug-in Hybrids:

•  BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
    Plug-in Hybrid (2016+)

•  BMW 3 Series
    Plug-in Hybrid (2020+)

•  BMW 5 Series
    Plug-in Hybrid (2017+)

•  BMW 7 Series
    Plug-in Hybrid (2016+)

    Plug-in Hybrid (2024+)

•  BMW X1
    Plug-in Hybrid (2019+)

•  BMW X2
    Plug-in Hybrid (2020+)

•  BMW X3
    Plug-in Hybrid (2019+)

•  BMW X5
    Plug-in Hybrid (2019+)


•  Mini Cooper SE (2019+)