6 in 1 Motorcycle Hex Allen Axle Spindle Socket Adapter, Wheel Removal Tool Carbon Steel.


Motorcycle Axle Removal Tool,

  • Removable 12 and 14mm hex.
  • Carbon steel construction. 
  • Covers all the popular sizes

6 in 1 Motorcycle Hex Allen Axle Spindle Socket Adapter Wheel Removal Tool

Wrench size: 12mm/14mm/17mm/19mm/22mm/24mm.
The Tool is a must have for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a convenient 6 in 1 solution for removing and installing front wheels.
Crafted from quality carbon steel, this allen spindle socket adapter tool has exceptional strength and durability properties, ensuring long lasting performance.
Designed for use on all motorcycles, this versatile tool, catering to a wide ranges of motorcycle models.
Whether you're performing routine maintenance or tackling repairs, this Tool provides effortless removal and installation of front wheels, making it an essential addition to your toolbox for your bike.

suitable for repair workshops and DIY enthusiasts.

,Motorcycle axle removal tool

Material: carbon steel
Length: approx 10cm

Package Includes:
1x6 in 1 Tool