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OBDLink EX Forscan Diagnostic for Ford USB Cable

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OBDLink EX Forscan Diagnostic for Ford USB Cable

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OBDLink EX Forscan Ford Mazda USB Diagnostic Cable

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OBDLink EX Forscan USB Cable Features:

  • Plug-and-play design
  • Maximum vehicle coverage, 
  • Custom-Designed for use with FORScan Ford Mazda Diagnostic Software,latest Forscan version has improved support for 2021 models
  • Electronic Switch allows access to all CAN buses simultaneously
  • Maximum Throughput -up to 20 times faster than “toggle switch” adapters
  • Rock-Solid connection avoids data corruption and dropped packets


OBDLINK EX Forscan USB Diagnostic Cable for Forscan, Renolink, Multiecuscan

The OBDLINK EX Forscan Cable

The OBDLink EX Forscan for Ford and Mazda vehicles is an affordable, user-friendly, professional-grade Ford Mazda Vehicle OBD adapter designed from the ground up to take full advantage of all of the features of the FORScan software for Windows. In turn, FORScan takes advantage of exclusive OBDLink functionality. The FORScan team recommends the OBDLink EX for its connection reliability, lightning-fast data transfer speed, and support of the proprietary Ford CAN buses.

The OBDLink EX is compatible with Ford and MAZDA from approx 1996-to 2021 and with a built in switching system from High Speed to Medium Speed CAN automatically, there are no switches to manually select, the OBDLink EX has the connections covered. 


The OBDLink EX can access 100% of Ford ECUs and get access to more functions than the official Ford dealer scan tool. You read that right: FORScan has capabilities that are locked out in the proprietary software used at Ford dealerships.

**OBDLink EX with Windows Forscan Diagnostic Program, Dealer Level Diagnostics for Ford and Mazda**


Electronic switching allows access to advanced functions such as simultaneously reading parameters from ECUs on different CAN networks and initializing some modules (e.g., “Remote Keyless Entry and Start”). OBDLink switches seamlessly between HS-CAN, MS-CAN, and J1850 Ford networks. “No switch” means no worries about messing things up if you accidentally transmit on the wrong network.


The OBDLink EX is a recommended Interface for all Forscan Functions as below:

D - recommended for diagnostic: read PID, read/reset DTC, simple service functions  
C - recommended for configuration: write configuration parameters to modules, complex service functions
P - recommended for programming: complex configuration, firmware update (only for CAN )


OBDLink EX Forscan screen


OBDLink EX Forscan Ford USB Cable Screenshot


Consider purchasing or OBDLink MX+ if you need access to the proprietary GM vehicle networks (GM SW-CAN). 


In addition to the Ford Mazda enhanced coverage, the OBDLink EX works with all 2001 & newer Petrol and 2004 on Diesel model year cars sold in Europe, including all American and Asian vehicles. 

***To learn more and download Forscan Diagnostic software Click HERE***