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OBD2 extension cable for BMW Bimmercode Adapters

OBD2 extension cable for BMW Bimmercode Adapters£9.00

This OBD2 extension cable will allow easy access to the OBD plug that is recessed in some BMW models.You can easily plug in and remove your Bimmercode adapter and save wear on the car diagnostic socket.

Maserati 3200GT 3 pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Cable

Maserati 3200GT 3 pin to 16 Pin OBD2 Diagnostic Adapter Cable£12.00

Maserati 3200GT 3 pin to 16 pin Diagnostic OBD 2 Adapter cable 

Fiat Alfa Romeo 3 pin to 16 Pin OBD2 cable

Fiat Alfa Romeo 3 pin to 16 Pin OBD2 cable£12.00

Fiat Alfa Romeo 3 pin to 16 pin OBD 2 cable 

MultiecuScan Fiat, Alfa, Professional Multiplexed Diagnostic System

MultiecuScan Fiat, Alfa, Professional Multiplexed Diagnostic System
Our Price:  £220.00

Brand:  Multiecuscan



Multiecuscan Professional Diagnostic Kit.

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MultiECUScan Professional Diagnostic System for Fiat Group Cars and Light Commercial vehicles.

The MultiECUScan Italian Vehicle Diagnostic Kit (Professional) bundle is a pro grade italian vehicle diagnostic tool. When used with your Windows computer you have near dealer level access on most Fiat, Alfa Romeo, new model Jeep Renegade, Dodge, new Chrysler and Lancia vehicles including light commercials.

This Multiecuscan kit Suitable for use on all Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia cars, fitted with the 16 pin OBD2 plug without any adapters or breakout boxes etc, The included multiplexed Multiecuscan interface automatically selects the required pin for the system you are diagnosing.

Multiecuscan offers In depth diagnostic coverage for Fiat group vehicles including light commercials to year 2019:

With the Multiecuscan diagnostic kit you can access many controllers including ABS, engine, Airbags, Power steering, body, instruments, door module, headlamp etc. Advanced diagnostic procedures are also possible including proxi alignment coding, adaption and service light reset. This kit can access all protocols including the low speed CAN used on the new models. 

Connection options:

This Multiecuscan kit has Bluetooth and USB connections options built in

The interface included in this bundle is a CANtieCAR 2.0 interface made by Company. It supports Wireless, Bluetooth and USB modes.

The Multiecuscan Professional kit requires no Adapter cables or other leads for full vehicle system diagnostics:

The Multiecuscan professional italian vehicle diagnostic kit has a built-in multiplexer which selects the required pin automatically, which allows connection to all vehicle modules without additional adapters. The interface also has a built-in memory card which acts as a USB drive and contains the drivers and software. To diagnose the early pre 1999 models you need the 3 pin to 16 pin adapter

Multiecuscan Professional kit Features:

  • Single multiplexed Interface, replaces all other interfaces and no need for adapter cables on cars and vans fitted with the 16 pin diagnostic plug
  • Bluetooth and USB connection options
  • Use on any number of computers, the software is locked to the interface
  • 1 year access to fully registered  Multiecuscan version and software updates

Package Contents:

  • CanTieCar V4.2 USB/Bluetooth Interface 
  • USB Cable
  • MultiECUScan Software
  • Interface Drivers and utilities
  • Documentation


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MultiECUScan Registered Full Software Activation

MultiECUScan Registered Full Software Activation£49.00

Multiecuscan Software Full Activation, Unlocks the full version of the Fiat Alfa Group Diagnostic Software for Windows