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Konnwei OBD2 Vehicle Monitor, Scanner, Gauges , Fuel Computer

Konnwei OBD2 Vehicle Monitor, Scanner, Gauges , Fuel Computer£49.00

The KW206 monitors important control systems and vehicle speed etc. Up to 96 system choices, Also Reads and clears fault codes

LAUNCH CRP909X Diagnostic and Service Tool

LAUNCH CRP909X Diagnostic and Service Tool£380.00

CRP909X Universal Diagnostic and Service tool. 15 service functions, All system diagnosis. One year free updates included. 

LAUNCH CRP909X Diagnostic and Service Tool

LAUNCH CRP909X Diagnostic and Service Tool
Our Price:  £380.00

Brand:  LAUNCH

Delivery:  No charge



LAUNCH CRP909X, Automotive Diagnostic and Service Tool for European, UK and USA Cars and light commercial vehicles

  • One year free updates
  • We can update the tool to the latest diagnostic software and add your workshop details and email address before the device ships if required.
  • Latest 2021 version 
  • Multi language options
  • DPF, Service reset, Injector matching, Parking brake service, etc etc
  • Full vehicle diagnosis
  • Android operating system
  • WiFi diagnostic Update,
  • One click update

LAUNCH CRP909X Latest 2021 version. One year free updates included, Multi language options, Wide vehicle coverage, Record and Playback data. Print diagnostic reports etc.

Launch CRP909X 15 Service reset functions

The LAUNCH CRP909X is a hand-held diagnostic tool specially designed for DIYers and mechanics to improve diagnostic and repair efficiency. You can comfortably perform Full systems Diagnoses, 15 service functions, full obd2 functions for more than 54 vehicle brands. Combined with the features of the 7-in large screen, Touch & Keypad Input, and 2GB + 16GB for memory RAM / HD spaces and large 6000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, this diagnostic tool allows you to get accurate and detailed diagnostic information from the vehicle.

Launch CRP909X Full system diagnostic tool

15 Frequently-used Maintenance Functions Simplify Your Operation


  • ABS Bleeding – Bleed the brake system when ABS contains air or any components are replaced.
  • IMMO Service – Clear the lost car key’s info and program the new key into the ECU database.
  • Injector Coding – Code new injector after replacement, to lower emissions and run smoothly.
  • BMS Reset – Clear useless fault info/reset BMS module after battery replacement.
  • DPF Regeneration – Clears the DPF filter to help filter performance and reset DPF light.
  • Electronic Parking Brake Reset – Perform reset to turn the MIL off after brake pad replacement.
  • Oil Reset Service – Reset service mileage after oil/ oil filter change, to schedule the next oil change.
  • SAS Calibration – Calibrate the steering angle sensor after replacement or repairs
  • Electronic Throttle Position Reset – Initialize the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations.
  • TPMS Reset – Retrieve tire sensor IDs and perform reset operation after replacing tire sensors.
  • Gear Learning – Finish tooth learning after changing crankshaft, enabling new part functions.
  • Suspension Calibration – Adjust the body height sensor for level calibration.
  • AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) Reset - Initialize the adaptive headlamp system.
  • Sunroof Initialization – Set the sunroof to be locked off, or to be closed when it rains; sliding/tilting sunroof memory function, etc.
  • Gearbox Matching – Complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality.

Launch crp909x Full OBD2 diagnosis

Complete Quick Test on All Systems of Your Vehicle

LAUNCH CRP909X Diagnostic tool performs well at monitoring all systems of the available vehicles. You can start scanning all electronic control units of the tested vehicle by simply tapping the“Health Report".

Any systems including ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMMO, TPMS, SAS, etc. with fault codes will appear in red, which alerts you to pay attention to the current systems and come up with available solutions to fix existent problems. No need to waste time looking for faulty systems step by step.

One-click Health Report - Share and Print

This OBD2 scanner supports automatically generating diagnostic report after systems scanning. You can not only save it under the “Diagnostic Report” module but also print the report out.


  • For Workshops, your paper diagnostic report featuring the report created date and time improves the diagnostic professionalism and reliability, thus you can win the trust of customers.
  • For DIYers, you no longer worry about data loss. The printed diagnostic report can be permanently saved. You can take it out at any time to move the current diagnosis forward.

Launch X431 CRP909X

LAUNCH CRP909X a perfect choice for Troubleshooting

Advanced Configuration


  • The Quad-Core Processor makes a 50% increase in speed versus similar code reader
  • 7 Inches HD touch screen improve your information reading experience
  • 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM facilitate the running speed of your diagnostic tool
  • 6000 mAh Li-battery supports 10 hours of continuous efficient multitasking
  • Wi-Fi technology is great for a fast and smooth update of the device and using the web to assist with fault code repair.


Multiple Available Languages including english as default

8 different Languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian enables you to set the most appropriate language for smooth operation.

Extensive Vehicle Coverage

54 vehicle makes and more than 5000 models are compatible with LAUNCH scanner. It includes Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Volvo, Mini, Opel, Porsche, Euro Ford, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Citroen, Dacia, VW, Mercedes, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Acura, Land Rover, GM, Ford, Jeep, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Chevrolet, etc.