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BMDiag OBD Interface for Melcodiag, and MultiECUScan Software

BMDiag OBD Interface for Melcodiag, and MultiECUScan Software£19.99

New Top quality USB vehicle diagnostic Interface, Fully compatible with Melcodiag, MultiECUScan Diagnostic Software. Supplied with easy to follow installation Instructions.

KKL Interface for Multiecuscan and  AlfaOBD

KKL Interface for Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD£14.99

USB Interface based on the top quality FTDI Chip.
Use with Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD

Launch GOLO CarCare Plus Car Diagnostic and Data Logging Tool

Launch GOLO CarCare Plus Car Diagnostic and Data Logging Tool£39.99

Diagnose vehicle control systems, read and clear fault codes and generate vehicle health reports, Connect up to three vehicles

Konnwei OBD2 Vehicle Monitor, Scanner, Gauges , Fuel Computer

Konnwei OBD2 Vehicle Monitor, Scanner, Gauges , Fuel Computer

Brand:  Konnwei

Konnwei KW206 Vehicle Monitoring System, OBD2 Tool.

  • IN Stock, Immediate dispatch..
  • Customisable alarms, Overspeed, Temperature, Voltage etc
  • Choose from 95 supported System monitors
  • Scans and clears fault codes, Displays ECU data stream 
  • Fuel, trip computer available in both Imperial and Metric 

Download User Manual


Konnwei KW206  Vehicle system monitoring with DTC Scan Gauge display, OBD2 diagnostic tool.

1. The KW902 3.5in digital LCD displays real-time parameters of the vehicle, improving driving safety. No need to look down at dashboard from time to time. It can display up to 5 parameters you need while driving.


2. Over-speed warning, Engine Coolant Temperature warning, speed warning, Engine running voltage warning, supports self-definition warning.


3. OBD diagnosis, the KW206 supports OBDII system error code diagnosis, clear, and display OBDII data stream (text format)


4.0-100KM time recording: 0-100km acceleration test


5. Diversified display of car parameters function, supports real-time display of 95 sets of data, including Fuel Level, Engine Load Value, Fuel Consumption, Oxygen sensor reading, B1S1, B2S1 etc. (Dependent on the vehicle)


6. Support all OBD2 full protocol and commands, including J1850 dual protocol, ATTPS etc.


7. Supports both imperial and metric unit, or switch a single parameter unit separately, such as KM ---Mile, Fahrenheit to Celsius


8. Fast data update rate, low latency and fast response to real time information.


9. Automatically turn off shut down when the voltage is lower than the engine off voltage, no need to unplug it from OBDII port.


10. Automatic switching of brightness during day and night.


11. Supports multilingual language interface.


12. Supports life-time free update and upgrades via KONNWEI Uplink App.


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Konnwei KW206 HUD OBD2 system

Konnwei OBD Gauge HUD

  • Available languages: English, Spanish, Russian
  • One year warranty
  • Free UK Based support