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OBD2 extension cable for BMW Bimmercode Adapters

OBD2 extension cable for BMW Bimmercode Adapters£7.50

This OBD2 extension cable will allow easy access to the OBD plug that is recessed in some BMW models.You can easily plug in and remove your Bimmercode adapter and save wear on the car diagnostic socket.

Diesel Injector Blank off Plug 14x1.5 thread

Diesel Injector Blank off Plug 14x1.5 thread£4.00

Very useful blanking plug to help identify faulty injectors in common rail diesel systems

Kawish Automotive CAN Breakout Box

Kawish Automotive CAN Breakout Box£65.00

Shows activity on the pins via LED and displays current voltage, suitable for 12 and 24 volt systems.

Kawish Automotive CAN Breakout Box

Kawish Automotive CAN Breakout Box
 Kawish Automotive CAN Breakout BoxKawish Automotive CAN Breakout Box 
Our Price:  £65.00

Brand:  Kawish



Top Quality Automotive CAN 16 pin Breakout box with voltage monitoring.

  • Displays activity on all 16 pins via LED
  • 1.5 Metre Extension cable with integrated J1962M Connector with built in lamp
  • Compatible with both car and commercial applications
  • Includes 4mm Banana cables X2

OBDII Protocol Detector Break Out Box 
Main functions : 
1. OBD Signal Detection : Sixteen Led lights detect the OBD signal. LED's at pin-out display signal detection, Flashing Leds for ECU activity, the LED can detect PWM (J1850) VPW (J1850) ISO 9141-2,DIS/ISO 14230-4 (12V car and 24V diesel)CAN bus (J-2284) (SAEJ1939) Power signal and ground signal . 
2.OBD2 Male to female extension cable: 
The Length is 1.5 Metres and can connect between Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) and scan tool.
3. ALL 16 OBD signals are covered and have breakout fitting with 4mm Banana socket: 
Sixteen high-quality 4mm banana sockets breakout all OBD signal for easy detail use with multimeter or oscilloscope for detailed signal analysis.
4. Battery voltage monitor : Kawish Breakout Box
3-digit blue LED (resolution: 0.1 V) Voltmeter shows numeric display of voltage, Measuring range from 8-30V, the box not only can detect car signal but also can detect some of diesel signal for example the diesel of K-line L-line and CAN bus (SAEJ1939) 
5.The diagnostic socket is a high quality J1962M OBD Connector :
The OBD Male Connector with flashlight function and the button, When operating in the dark the flashlight will be very useful
Product Parameters
1. Work voltage: DC 8v-30v
2. Maximum Load: Up to 5.0 amp 
3. OBD cable Lenth : 1.5m

Kawish OBD2 CAN Breakout box