Jdiag M300 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool


JDiag M300 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool with built in Battery tester and Printer.

Diagnose Japanese European and USA Motorcycles to approx 2020

Includes the most common adapter cables for Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Bennelli etc

JDiag M300 Motorcycle Scan Tool and Battery tester.

The M300 is a new generation of handheld motorcycle diagnostic tools with a large 5.0" display and a rich, clear interface that covers virtually all of the manufacturer's diagnostic functions. lt allows technicians to trace (injectors, ignition, coils, fuel pumps, etc.), perform factory service procedures such as resetting service lights, performing injection adjustments (CO Trimmer) adjusting the throttle position sensor (TPS), setting automatic adaptive parameters, and performing idle adjustments.


Read System Information

Read Live Data Streams

Read Fault Code

Erase Fault Code

Freeze Data

DTC Query

Digital & Waveform Display

CO Idle Speed Adjustment

Actuators Test

ABS System Test

Troubleshooting Guidance

Software Online Upgrade

Universal Battery Analyzing

Printable Test Result